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Online seo Portal is best web Development Company in India. We offer wide range of web development services in Noida, India. We are the best web development and website Design Company in Noida, India. We are specializing in responsive and user-friendly website development services in Noida, India. We are the Reputed Website Development, Web Applications Development Company in Noida, India. Online SEO Portal. Generally, web design & development takes months to complete. But, with our solutions, your website will be ready in a few days. Quick, affordable, and easy to use web design & web development service. Simply choose the. Type of website you want to buy on our site, then fill in our order form and pay online. Get A Quote. View Pricing Details. Competitive Prices.

Online seo Portal is a leading web development company in Noida, India that specializes in providing creative website development & design services. We employ cutting-edge web development practices backed by our experienced website developers & designers. We deliver economical solutions aiming to satisfy our clients.

We, at online SEO Portal, give high value to building a mobile-friendly website. Mobile internet usage has more than doubled in the past two years, and if your website is not a mobile-friendly website, then you need to give it a serious thought. One-third of online traffic comes from mobile devices. Making your website mobile-friendly is a highly benefitting effort and can place you way ahead of your competitors. At Online SEO Portal, we help you know – how you can do this, where do you get started, and what makes a site good for mobile devices.

The fact is that on “an average 25 billion web pages are being added to the internet every year”. Online SEO Portal simply helps you stand out from the crowd. We deliver customized web development solutions to make your website design flexible, attractive, dynamic and strong. We can give a fresh look to your existing company website or create a brand new identity for your business. Online SEO Portal Web Solution has stepped into the field of web development with a clear vision of being the most advanced service provider in its domain. Today, the company is popular nation-wide for its impeccable service and high ROI generating web solutions.

The recent emergence of HTML5 has provided a lot of support for advanced technology, such as local storage, geolocation and semantic tagging. But Web components are designed specifically to help developers to make more productive websites that have Parallax effect mutations. Online SEO Portal, being a Web development & Digital Marketing company in Noida, India (India), designs these Web Components, which is actually an umbrella term, covering four different specifications that, when used together, provide the foundation for building a componentized Web pages.

“Web Components utterly change the Web platform”

We work on Web Components, an evolving World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standard, designed to help organize complex Web pages by providing a mechanism to assemble them using small single-function components. These key components help to minimize “The World Wide Wait” and reduce the page download times & ease the load on the global internet. One of the studies explains that these technologies can make page downloads 20%-400% faster. Online SEO Portal uses these technologies while Development your website as it introduces a new world where components from different vendors can live together on the same page. Although work on Web Components has been going on since 2010, the technology now seems to be picking up momentum. In many ways, Web Components finally delivers the advanced coding tools and techniques that developers in other languages have long enjoyed, such as objects, templates and data binding (though the data binding is offered by Polymer, not Web Components itself). Perhaps the core technology for Web Components is an import tag for HTML. While it sounds simple, the HTML import tag can save developers from what is known as dependency hell, in which they must declare, in the body of a page, all the libraries that will be needed to execute the code.

Beyond Google, other browsers makers seem to be taking a hard look at the technology. Mozilla has already included a number of functions to support Web Components, and Apple and Microsoft appear to be investigating the possibility of including support in their browsers. Opera, because it uses the Google Chrome Blink layout engine, will support Web Components by default. Google has been testing Web Components in its own operations. Online SEO Portal focuses on the technology that is supported on all OS & Browsers while Development a website. We ensure that our design works properly and that its appearance is error-free and functional on any platform used to view it. Cross-Browser Compatibility is a Very Important part while the design & development of the website. We keep cross-browser compatibility in mind throughout the design process.

The expertise of our Web Development Noida, India Company

Our clients love us for our in-depth understanding of market trends, web technologies, and designs. Online SEO Portal is a strong team of experts and passionate professionals who know how to go beyond Search Engine Optimization with expertise in HTML5, Ecommerce, WordPress, CMS, CSS, Joomla, Drupal, PHP, etc. We are well-aware of the fact that website design and its implementation have an impact on search engine results. Our pro designers and developers first thoroughly evaluate the project requirements and then suggest the most suitable solution. At Online seo Portal, design and development go hand-in-hand. The websites we create and develop are not just beautiful-looking but also user-friendly, responsive and revenue-generating.

Technology, like I said above, used while Development website is also another VERY important factor along with the web components into consideration. Our developers expertise in all technologies like HTML5, Ecommerce, WordPress, CMS, CSS, Joomla, Drupal, PHP etc., which is used to create a great Website and helping clients across India. The Chrome OS operating system, used in Google Chrome books, uses Web Components to power its virtual keyboard and media player. Interest in Web Development seems to be growing at a rapid pace.

Many of our clients are companies with pre-existing websites that are not working for them. Our web solutions cover web development, web content, writing markup and coding, Software development, iOS, Windows & Android Application development, and e-commerce development.

Online seo Portal is committed to excellence and constant innovation. With us, you will discover what is latest in web technology and design. For instance, we can redesign or revamp your website in sync with latest trends like long-scroll, card layouts, HD Hero images, rich animations, hidden navigation menus, or galleries and slideshows. Our clients of web and SEO services from Delhi, Noida, Navi Mumbai, Noida, India, Bangalore, Chennai and various other important cities of India are part of our success story. Whatever is your requirement and budget, we have web development solutions for each of you out there!

So let us come together and build a strong online identity for your business! Partner with the best Development Company in Noida, India.